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Underwater Propeller Repair for Efficient Fuel Consumption

Underwater Propeller Repair for Efficient Fuel Consumption

No matter the size or style of your vessel, fuel consumption is always something that ship owners are looking to improve. With today’s fuel costs significantly higher than that of the past, finding any possible measure to lower consumption is always welcomed. One of...

Sometimes all you need is a fresh breeze

Sometimes all you need is a fresh breeze

Antwerp Underwater Solutions was founded in 2005. Shortly afterwards AUS became a part of a holding including several ship repair companies. The current structure and order books urged the need for a new manager to maintain and improve the level of service. We...

The Importance of Regular Underwater Inspections

The Importance of Regular Underwater Inspections

Combining the experience of professional divers with certified ship repair knowledge, underwater inspections can help keep your vessel in top shape for years to come. Though only a small monetary investment, the inspections can offer an incredible return as you save...

What we can do for you

Underwater Maintenance –

  • Docking in a dry-dock
  • Replacement of echo sounder or
    speed log
  • Blanking of overboard valves in order to allow valves to be changed from the inside
  • Rudder maintenance
  • Replacing depleted anodes by
    welding new ones
  • Replacement of rope guards
  • Cleaning of sea chests
  • Re-tightening bolts to reduce bearings wear down
  • Clearing propellers or rope guards

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