Propeller Maintenence


A loss of the propellers efficiency can have a significant impact on fuel consumption, thrust power, bearings wear down and the cavitation process.

Therefore we strongly believe in our propeller polishing program – which enable us to keep ships propellers smooth at all time, all blades are polished in a multi stage to grade ‘A’ on the Rupert scale. This has an immediate effect on the fuel consumption.

A well maintained propeller is the result of a relatively simple and inexpensive process which will on one hand generate immediate savings and on the other hand will avoid unnecessary costs. A great return on investment!
As mentioned above another benefit of our propeller polishing program is the regular evaluation of the propeller which allows us to anticipate much faster to indications of propeller damage. After an accurate determination of the damage a team of propeller specialists can perform all necessary repairs within the normal downtime of the vessel.

Please contact us for more information about or propeller polishing program or any inquiry about propeller maintenance.