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Does your vessel need inspection or maintenance? In that case, Antwerp Underwater Solutions is your partner. We have been specialized in underwater inspections and maintenance for a long time. In order for your vessel to work properly, we believe that it is important to determine the condition of your vessel. Let us know what your wishes are and how we can help you out.

Vessel inspection and maintenance: what to expect?

Whether you are interested in an inspection or in the maintenance of your vessel, we are there to help you out. During a vessel inspection we produce footage that functions as a base for our decisions. This might entail repairs that are made, sales that are closed or class certificates that are extended. Do you prefer vessel maintenance on a regular basis? This can entail:

Underwater maintenance
  • Replacing depleted anodes by welding new ones
  • Replacement of rope guards
  • Rudder maintenance

A solution for every problem

As an experienced partner in vessel inspections and maintenance, we find a solution for every problem. Every day, clients ask us for a solution for their problem. We look into it and find out the best ways to deal with it. At the end, we offer you a solution that makes you happy and improves your business. Other than underwater inspections, repairs and maintenance, we can also help you out with diving support.

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